Peter Koehler

10 business ideas

You sent in yours. Here are mine.

Yesterday I challenged you to exercise your creative thinking muscles by listing 10 ideas for new businesses. The point of the exercise was not to come up with good business ideas, but to exercise your mind, which just like your body, gets stronger when you use it in new ways.

A couple of you took me up on the challenge.

Keeley Tillotson . . .

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May 07, 2015

Exercise your thinking muscles daily

Strategic thinking is a muscle. Creative thinking is a muscle. Critical thinking is a muscle.

Without consistent use, those muscles begin to atrophy.

Exercise your strategic thinking muscle today by playing devil's advocate with your colleague or boss to ideas which may seem obvious or "correct" on the surface.

Note: If someone . . .

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May 06, 2015

Effectiveness over Efficiency.

Using our limited time wisely.

I frequently worry that being productive is the surest way to lull ourselves into a trance of passivity and busyness the greatest distraction from living, as we coast through our lives day after day, showing up for our obligations but being absent from our selves, mistaking the doing for the being.
~Maria Popova, in a reflection on . . .

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May 05, 2015

Embracing Discomfort

A Daily Practice

Over the past few months, I have tried to make it a daily practice to embrace discomfort.

At work, in my relationships, in my creative life - I am working on getting comfortable with discomfort.

Why? I have realized that my world gets bigger when I take uncomfortable actions.

I think of reality - and a future potential reality - as a series . . .

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May 03, 2015

Think Like A Boss

At various points throughout my career, I've fallen into a rut.

Most of us have experienced this at one point or another. We feel like our job owns us, and it's not a good feeling.

I used to channel that feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of autonomy into a variety of channels - looking at job postings, checking up on my favorite . . .

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May 02, 2015


I flew on a small plane with extra small overhead compartments the day before yesterday.

They asked us to check our carry-on bags before boarding the plane, and then we retrieved them right after we get off.

During the retrieval process, the airport workers had wheeled the cart of suitcases into a little nook which only two people could fit . . .

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May 01, 2015

A Bias Toward Action

I recently read The Everything Store by Brad Stone about Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

One of Bezos' key tenants that really stuck with me was having a "bias toward action."

I introduced the phrase to our team at Green Zebra, and I am slowly trying to integrate the principle more into my daily life - both at work and in the rest of my . . .

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April 30, 2015