Peter Koehler

Embracing Discomfort

A Daily Practice

Over the past few months, I have tried to make it a daily practice to embrace discomfort.

At work, in my relationships, in my creative life - I am working on getting comfortable with discomfort.

Why? I have realized that my world gets bigger when I take uncomfortable actions.

I think of reality - and a future potential reality - as a series . . .

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May 03, 2015

Think Like A Boss

At various points throughout my career, I've fallen into a rut.

Most of us have experienced this at one point or another. We feel like our job owns us, and it's not a good feeling.

I used to channel that feeling of dissatisfaction and lack of autonomy into a variety of channels - looking at job postings, checking up on my favorite . . .

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May 02, 2015


I flew on a small plane with extra small overhead compartments the day before yesterday.

They asked us to check our carry-on bags before boarding the plane, and then we retrieved them right after we get off.

During the retrieval process, the airport workers had wheeled the cart of suitcases into a little nook which only two people could fit . . .

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May 01, 2015

A Bias Toward Action

I recently read The Everything Store by Brad Stone about Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

One of Bezos' key tenants that really stuck with me was having a "bias toward action."

I introduced the phrase to our team at Green Zebra, and I am slowly trying to integrate the principle more into my daily life - both at work and in the rest of my . . .

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April 30, 2015

Taking the long road

Is not harder if the journey is the destination.

What's your long road?

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April 29, 2015

One small step

Is all you need to get started. Then the hard part is over.

Which journey have you been wanting to start?

Will you take one small step today?

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April 29, 2015